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The idea is sound but it could have been executed better in a few areas.

W h a t

I rarely even bother arguing with tumblr’s own little racist community and usually my strategy is just to ignore their existence but I’m bored and I like traditional clothes- anyway: If you guys actually think that by googling “niqab” and then posting 8 images you are proving anything about the ethnicities in question or Muslims in general, anything relevant at all, then hah. Hahahhahahahaahahah. Like, I can imagine that whoever created this photo thought it’s some kind of masterpiece and probably sat there mumbling alone in a dark room “LoOK I hAvE pRoVEN thAT THE IsLaMS R STuPID I aM a GENIUS!!1” but ffs this is embarrassing and the only thing it proves is your almost laughable ignorance on Iraqi, Saudi, Afghan, Iranian, Pakistani, Syrian, Yemeni and Egyptian culture. Will you see some women wearing some sort of religious headwear in all of these countries? Sure you will, and frankly I don’t think they give a fuck about random people on tumblr not thinking they’re 〜diverse〜 enough. It doesn’t mean that every single woman from any of these ethnic groups are niqab-wearers or that these people don’t have a history, culture and heritage of their own, aren’t unique and don’t deserve to be recognized as such. Idk I could keep talking about this but it seems like a waste of time but here:

Egyptian women

Egyptian clothes from a fashion show organized by Shahira Mehrez (who works on the revival of Egyptian clothing,she’s collected Egyptian traditional clothes&jewelry from different parts of the country)

Afghan clothing

Girl from Yemen

Pakistani bridal wear

This is from a show in Baghdad, clothes inspired by Iraqi folklore

Persian dancers

Syrian clothes in a shop

Syrian dancer

And finally: there’s a whole damn website dedicated to the costumes of the different tribes in Saudi Arabia.

(+ Major regional differences within every country.) This post also makes no sense because anyone who has visited the European countries in question knows that traditional clothes isn’t exactly something people usually wear on a daily basis. Go to Denmark for example; it’s quite rare to see people actually wearing traditional dresses all the time, they are often reserved for special occasions or for folk dancers. Like you’re more likely to see people wearing jeans and a t-shirt?? I could easily make a photoset of Danish, Austrian, Finnish, Spanish, Italian, German, British and Scottish people all wearing the same clothes and based on that go claiming that these people don’t have their own culture and traditions and aren’t diverse or whatever, but I won’t because it’s obviously false. Anyone who knows anything about Europe knows that these “All European countries are the same” “Europeans don’t have a culture of their own” statements going around are just weird.

Btw I feel like I have to mention that the photo representing Finnish clothing is not Finnish at all. As suspected, y’all don’t know shit about the precious European ethnicities either lol. The woman in the photo is actually Turkish which makes this 10 times funnier to me since you know, Turkey is a country with a quite large *gasp* Muslim population. Here is the source for the photo. Congratulations, not only did you fail to prove that the different ethnicities of which some or a majority are Muslims don’t have a culture of their own but you don’t know anything about the different European peoples you pretend to care about so much lmao.

If you guys actually at some point in your lives take any real interest in Finland instead of just using it as some little pawn in your shitty racist posts, here’s some examples of Finnish clothing

B y e

Agreed with all of this! And yanorayanora is so right, not only are you a racist piece of shit, but also you don’t know anything about European culture at all. What you posted here as Austrian clothing????? IDK even know what this is but it’s not traditional Austrian clothing? Dirndl and Lederhosen are Austrian. And guess what, if you’d visit any of these countries you’d notice that the people all dress the same! Because the clothing pictured above is only for special occasions! You wouldn’t be able to tell the Austrian and the Finnish apart only by their day-to-day clothes! Because both would probably wear jeans! Just because their day-to-day clothes are the same, just because some/a lot/a few/most women in arab countries wear a burqa (?), doesn’t mean they don’t have diversity. Because they do. And you suck for assuming otherwise without informing yourself. -Vicky

So much all of this. Also, when people talk about Europe lacking diversity, they do not mean “diversity in traditional garb.” The whole premise of this post is just dense in addition to being racist as shit.

ANOTHER Jailed African American In Florida Is Told 'Stand Your Ground' Doesn't Apply To Him



Please Sign The Petition.

"Three years ago my son Michael was attacked outside of a club in Tallahassee, FL. His attacker admitted in open court that he attacked Michael with no provocation"

His attacker admitted in open court that he attacked Michael with no provocation

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This is Jonathan Ferrell. He was in a car accident at 2:30 in the morning on Saturday. It was pretty bad, he was forced to climb out of the back window of his car to get out. He ran to the nearest home and knocked on the door. The woman who owned the home called the police. The police arrived and saw Jonathan nearby. Jonathan ran to them, unarmed. He was probably so happy to see someone that could help him. The police shot and killed him after they tazed him. 

Jonathan was 24-years-old and a football player at Florida A&M University. He had just gotten engaged. His friends described him as a loving, peaceful man with a bright future. 

The cop who shot him has now had voluntary manslaughter. We have to make sure that the cop, Randall Kerrick, does not get away with this. In most cases like this, the cop gets no jail time and no sentence, and in many cases, they’re let back onto the force afterwards. 

Jonathan was a good man with a clean record. He wasn’t known as being aggressive or violent. This should not have happened. 

This story is tragic and people need to made aware of it. Please read/watch the CNN Justice story on it.

Also, please note that when Jonathan knocked on the door of the first house he saw in order to ask for help, a woman came to the door and when she saw him, she shut the door, hit her panic alarm and called the police on ~him. The police were out looking for a “suspect” because in America black men can’t even knock on doors to ask their fellow citizens for help without being assumed dangerous criminals. 

When the police arrived and Jonathan ran to them for help, one police officer tried to use his stun gun, but when it malfunctioned, another officer opened fire on Jonathan and killed him - he shot him several times. No warning shot. He shot to kill. Jonathan was UNARMED and ASKING FOR HELP from the POLICE. The deep seated, racist belief that black men are criminal and aggressive and violent is so pervasive that they cannot even go to their neighbors or the police for help because they are never seen as victims or people in need of help — they are always the assailant, the suspect, the criminal. This is not the first time an unarmed black man has been assumed criminal and killed.

And if you doubt the prevalence of this stereotype and its use as justification for murder of innocent black men, ask yourself why the OP, who clearly cares about this issue and wants justice for Jonathan, felt the need to state that Jonathan “wasn’t known as being aggressive or violent.”  No such disclaimer would be needed if Jonathan were white…but if Jonathan were white, he’d likely still be alive. 

Fuck the police. Fuck them fuck them fuck them!!!! I’m sick of this crap!

This is horrifying.   You know, I understand being a woman you don’t open your door to any stranger in the middle of the night.  That’s fine.  But you don’t also have to hit your panic alarm and call the police on him. 

The police reaction?  I can’t even come up with a single justification for what they did, not one plausible argument for why killing this man was necessary.  This makes me sick to my stomach.  Imagine the terror of wandering a neighborhood, looking for HELP and having people be terrified and unwilling to help simply because of what you look like.  Imagine his last moments, the helplessness of being misunderstood, screaming for someone to help him.  This is disgusting.

Florida man accused of ‘walking on wrong side of the road’ | The Raw Story


In which the Florida police continue to be the Florida police. I think my favorite part is where, when the case went to court, the officer couldn’t actually remember which side of the road the guy had been walking on, prompting the judge to dismiss the case.

enkiduofvideogames asked:

Do you have any tips for dealing with the "The Trayvon Martin case wasn't about race (until liberals/whoever made it about race)" people, or the "Trayvon Martin was a gangbanger but didn't deserve to die" people?


True story: I’ve had this Ask sitting here for a couple of days, and yesterday I was actually kept awake at night creating mental comebacks for the horrible people who say things like this. A few highlights:

All gun crime has been “racialized.” Because we, as a nation, absolutely refuse to acknowledge that guns and gun lobbyists are a poisonous plague on our country, every instance of gun violence that isn’t between two white people becomes “well it’s that scourge of black-on-black crime” or “it’s just gang (read: involving black or Hispanic people) crime and there’s nothing we can do” or “where is Jesse Jackson talking about all this black-on-white crime?” It’s never gun crime, it’s race crime, because race is a really convenient scapegoat for the fact that we’re basically a firearms free-for-all.

Even if that wasn’t the case, an adult man stalked and murdered a Black kid and didn’t even get arrested. America has a sick and storied history of devaluing Black bodies. It wasn’t that Trayvon Martin just HAPPENED to be Black. George Zimmerman found him suspicious because he was Black. Trayvon was murdered for being a young Black man. So yeah, the race/guns issue aside, race was a factor in his death.

Anyone who calls Trayvon Martin a gangbanger or a thug is an unapologetic racist. Fun fact: When I was in high school, I didn’t get straight A’s either, and I smoked pot a couple of times. Me and my friends sometimes threw up [what we thought were] gang signs in photos because [we thought] it made us look cool. We even wore HOODIES and BACKWARD BASEBALL CAPS on occasion. And I - a young white woman from a Nice Family and a Nice Area - have never once been called a gangbanger or a thug. Those are words we reserve to further devalue poor Black and Hispanic children, to make it OK that we don’t fund their educations properly or pay their parents enough to feed their families or create after-school activities or local parks and programs that would benefit them. The words “thug” and “gangbanger” essentially mean “person of color who’s in a gang, so obviously they do drugs and are inherently violent and not worth any investment from our society.”

Trayvon Martin was a young Black man. He wasn’t even in a gang. And for all George Zimmerman knew, Trayvon was a varsity athlete with a full ride to Harvard. George Zimmerman knew NOTHING about Trayvon other than that he was a Black kid in his neighborhood and he did not like that. “Trayvon was a gangbanger but he didn’t deserve to die” is basically blaming him for being young and Black. It’s excusing his murder, because, hey, a young gangbanger is probably just going to shoot people and rob liquor stores anyways, right? It makes his life worthless, which it was not.

My other tip for dealing with people who say things like that is to completely cut them out of your life, and if they ask why, tell them you’re afraid they’ll murder you for a perceived imperfection.

ESPN and Hank Williams Jr. have officially parted ways after the right-wing singer compared President Obama to Hitler. In a statement, Williams said the network stepped on his First Amendment rights, apparently confusing the right to free speech with the right to an ESPN contract.




Turn out the lights, the party’s over.


I don’t think I’ve ever met a racist who understood what “freedom of speech” means.


Saw his not-so apology on tv…..LOL’ing forever at his ‘well they were mean to me so I’m taking my ball and going home’ thing

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Bootstraps and racism. 

That’s a sucky analogy. I guess it’s supporting affirmative action? Look, the people still riding the success their ancestors had during the slavery period (they’re ever thinning) would have an advantage whether we had affirmative action or not. Affirmative action targets the borderline applicants to colleges and jobs…and favors minorities. Those with the unfair step aren’t borderline. The applicants are on equal ground and do have equal opportunity. Yet the minority gets preference. Still reverse discrimination.

Uhhhhhhhh… white people are riding on the privilege left over from slavery and extreme racism.

Affirmative action seeks to even out the playing field: because of racist and impacts still felt from racist laws, racial minorities are often in lower socioeconomic groups than white people. Being in a lower socioeconomic group often means living in worse neighborhoods and going to worse schools. Racial inequalities are not over, and denying their existence will only perpetuate their existence. 

 No offense. But I’m more or a minority in todays society than most african americans and women. Because I’m a 20-something white male I get passed over for jobs sometimes based solely on my skin color because of affirmative action. Now obviously there’s still parts of the world out there where these minorities are still on bottom but those are few and far between. I mean come the fuck on. We’ve got an african american president. So I think it’s time to drop the whole woe is me thing. Not to mention Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X would roll over in there graves if they saw the way most african americans acted. Yeah, you can blame that partly on the educational system in lower income areas. But I don’t see many rappers spreading there wealth around to help inner-city african americans realize there true potential. Instead they spew shit about bitches and hoes and making that green. It’s no surpirse why most inner-city african americans act they way they act. Look at the people they idolize.


so. much. fail.

Wowww… and the bar gets lowered once again. -Joe

We have an African -American president and all of a sudden *poof* it’s supposed to get rid of racial problems? what planet are you on?

Oh and PS….I think maybe the reason you get passed over for jobs is, just as an example, because you don’t know what THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ‘THERE’ AND ‘THEIR’ IS!




Every time I think of God he was in the image of Morgan Freeman. Not anymore. The same way that Billy Bob Thornton will always be Santa Claus to me. But now God, aka Morgan, has made a fucking racist comment. He says the Tea Party only wants to get “the black man” out of the White House. He called the Tea Party racist, well fuck you too. People want Obama out of a job because he sucks. He broke all his campaign promises and he sucks at being the president. Before any dumbasses chime in with, “but, but Bush”, shut the flying fuck up. Mr. Freeman keep making your shitty movies and keep your racist comments to yourself.

Even if you disagree with him calling the Tea Party racist, that is not a racist comment. That’s not how racism works.


And all the posters at the Tea Party rallies of Obama as The Joker, and the ‘Go Back To Africa’ signs, and WRONG crap about his being a Muslim, and all the other crazy shit that I’ve seen (most of it also at that infamous 9-12 Glenn Beck rally from a couple years ago), and THAT’S not racist?!

George W Bush sucked at his job too but the American people voted him in TWICE. Now all of a sudden someone does some shit you don’t like and NOW there’s a problem?

As for Morgan Freeman, I’m not exactly sure where it’s said that just because you’re an actor (or singer or whatever), you can’t have an opinion. He’s an American citizen, not to mention a human being so he DOES have that right.

You Teabaggers are just pissed because he had the guts to call you out on your racist ignorant caveman bullshit, and the country’s finally getting clued in too because try as you might, you can’t hide it.

So how’s about YOU shut the fuck up for a change?

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